The demise of our dear comrade, Adriana Bórquez Adriazola, represents a tremendous loss for our Association. Adriana was a distinguished academic and a persistent fighter for truth, justice and memory in the city of Talca, where she currently resided. Following her detention and kidnapping in the ex Colonia Dignidad, and in the notorious centre of torture located in Santiago in the intersection of the streets of Irán and Los Plátanos, she went into exile with her family, where she began to share her testimony of political imprisonment in order to denounce the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Chilean civil-military dictatorship.

She continued her struggle for justice, and, conscious of the importance of sharing the events of forty years ago with the new generations, she began to write, among other texts, two books which addressed her life experiences: Un exilio (An exile) and Colonia Dignidad: La vivimos, la conocimos” (Colonia Dignidad: we lived it, we knew it). In the urgent testimonial exercise of writing history, her history and that of so many others, Adriana continued her fight against forgetting, silence and impunity.  

Today we remember her as a brilliant intellectual, a tenacious and committed woman, a comrade who will always be present in the memory of all the members of our Association.

May the earth rest lightly on you dear Adriana!

Asociación por la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos Colonia Dignidad

Colonia Dignidad Association for Memory and Human Rights